Rick's Journey

A bit of Rick's story.


   Throughout Rick’s life, he has faced obstacles and challenges that leave most people shaking their heads. 

Rick has learned to not sweat the small stuff. This begins by first learning how to identify the small stuff, then recognizing what is and what is not able to be changed or influenced and what is beyond Rick's ability. From several near-death encounters, to financial and personal challenges, Rick has gained an insight few others are forced to learn. Rick grew up surrounded by people who camped at his parent's trailer park. The pressure to measure up and provide a high level of customer service has become a core part of Rick's identity. The desire to measure up and overcome challenges was one of the first life lessons which came with Rick's first ambulance ride; created from a bleeding ulcer and a need to be transferred for medical  treatment. 

The first ambulance ride has been followed by many more ambulance rides. Besides the numerous ambulance rides, more trips have been taken by private vehicle to hospitals in Canada, the United States and other countries. These have been the result of many things, including a couple of near-death experiences and one temporary paralysis. The experience of what he refers to as being thawed out, following cold water submersion resulting in hypothermia is one of the possible ways to die he has experienced.

Working with firefighters to save the lives of two children and their mother to struggling to identify the living from the dead following a two-vehicle accident where 11 people lost their lives. These experiences have created indelible tracks through Rick's head and heart. These journeys through life and death have also been accompanied by forced changes in Rick's career of choice. 

Rick is a Certified General Machinist, as well as a Certified Industrial Maintenance Mechanic (Millwright) (Red Seal). Rick has graduated from Conestoga College twice, once for each trade as indicated above. Rick has also attended the University of Waterloo, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in SDS. (BA, SDS), followed with graduation with Bachelor of Social Work (BSW). Rick has also attended and graduated from the University of Windsor with a Masters in Social Work (MSW).

These five separate post-secondary education graduations have provided as many challenges as opportunities. Rick has worked as a truck driver travelling throughout North America. Rick has also owned and operated businesses from commercial photography and digital editing, to electronic security and CCTV services.

The changes from career to career have seldom been by choice. Instead these have been forced by other changes in Rick's life. The old saying, when a door closes a window is opened, pretty much sums up how Rick sees his life. When you have the skills to meet the challenge windows do open.

If you would like to learn how Rick has survived so many changes and how you can benefit from these lessons, give him a call.