What makes my approach to counselling effective...


It's hard to pick up the phone and ask a stranger for help. I know because I've been there. When I faced challenges and I didn't know where to turn, I was lucky to find a good counsellor. The unbiased information I received and how my life changed for the better lead me to return to school and obtain the education that I have.

Since 2010, I've been in private practice providing counselling to individuals and couples. In private practice the information needs to be relevant and understandable, and one size does not fit everyone. From the chairs my clients sit in to providing beverages and at times having snacks available to my clients provides a comfortable atmosphere for chatting. 

My entire desire is to help my clients achieve their goals. I've gone golfing with clients, using the everyday setting of a golf course to help clients to understand their emotions and learn to let go of what is not important; I call this anger management golfing. With other clients I've baked cookies and yet others I teach them how to carve using soapstone. I've been known to have clients attend concerts as a means of developing new skills. I've even had a client pull her  vehicle up and I've swapped out the battery in her car. Yet with other clients we'll simply sit and chat. All these approaches use real world situations to help my clients learn and grow beyond where they are. Each approach I use with each client is unique and tailored specifically to who they are and what they are seeking to understand and improve in their life.

My clients use my education as well as my diverse background to develop practical techniques to recreate and grow themselves beyond where they are. By assisting others to find a healthy path away from stress, anxiety and emotional outbursts my clients learn a new and better way of living.

Counselling and life coaching create a unique relationship of sharing to promote understanding and change for my clients. This unique relationship involves sharing feelings that are often not shared with others and this is a gift. Each of my clients is treated with professionalism and dedication that reflects the importance of you reaching your goals.

Although I am a fee for service Clinical Social Worker providing Psychotherapy, I use a sliding scale to determine cost. This fee is geared to income and your ability to pay. 

Appointments are available 7 days a week with both daytime and evening appointments available. For clients who are unable to attend sessions in Stratford, I provide sessions through iPhone Face-time and Facebook Messenger.


To further enhance the natural process, sessions are not limited to a typical 50-minute session. I find having limits like these creates a false sense of urgency that seldom results in both a relaxed and productive session. Clients are booked 90 minutes apart providing for this relaxed atmosphere to chat. Some clients prefer to pay a nominal fee to extend sessions from 90 minutes to 2 hours.

As always, each session has one objective regardless of length, to promote a healthy, well balanced and happy you! 

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My thoughts about the Counselling services I provide



  Counselling is hard for anyone because counselling is about change and who really likes to change. Counselling isn't a quick fix but what you will take away will last a life time. Individual counselling is about not analyzing everything to death but finding the source of the challenge or issue and finding a way to effectively create change. 

Everyone, including me has a past that isn't perfect and we all have insecurities. Who we are in our world is directly related to what we think and what we have been taught to think. By encouraging my clients to look at the situation from different perspectives, new approaches and pathways are created.

Hands on the anchor line at the safety stop scuba diving. Knowing the rules makes anything possible.

Couples, Families

Living together can be great, it can also be the hardest thing you'll ever try to do. The photo to the right I took while scuba diving. I know the rules and I follow them. This photo was taken at the 15 feet safety stop which is the last stop before surfacing. I know if I dive within my limits and the limits of the situation I will be able to scuba dive again tomorrow.

I find when couples come into my office, the basic rules each person expects to exist within the relationship aren't followed. Sometimes this shift away from what each person understands has been gradual and sometimes it's never been there. Couple counselling is about each person learning, growing and following what's needed.