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Resiliency is learned from living and being prepared to live. This presentation is a journey through my life picking out points that luckily didn't kill me but instead taught me 

When the Unthinkable Happens


  Below the waves, on the waves, on the land and inside buildings, I've been present when things have gone terribly wrong. I've fought for my life and the lives of strangers. Things will go wrong, it's not how wrong things will go but it's what happens in the moments and hours after. This is a journey through my soul and heart and what I've learned and how I live.

How Honesty Will Keep You Alive


The path we choose is always up to us. This simple fact has never been lost on me. I've never been willing to be tied to a set of tracks simply because of the popular vote because sometimes they are just rusty old tracks going to a dead end. Choosing a path less travelled is sometimes the path that will get you to where you need to be. 

Switching tracks, changing directions these are never easy but sometimes we need to put the brakes on and change direction. This is how I've learned to do just that, stop, be honest,